The Basque Association

of Language Industries

What is Langune?

LANGUNE is an association of Basque Country companies belonging to the Language Industry sector. This association was set up in 2010 and brings together over 35 companies in the spheres of translation, content, teaching and language technologies. Read more.


Managing multilingualism could help Bidasoa-based companies enhance competitiveness and create a single labour market on both sides of the border

Analysing the current situation of multilingualism in Bidasoa companies and society at large, a study was conducted involving more than 125 businesses, about 20 company executives and almost 100 language students. The results were disclosed in an event held in FICOBA


Today sees the launch of the Automotive Dictionary, a specialised lexicon for the sector produced by six companies working in collaboration

The dictionary has gathered together about 2,637 items of the sector’s terminology and can be consulted over the Internet in six languages

Language Technology

OpeNER Project has finished!

OpeNER FP7 project has just successfully finished with a huge amount of Natural Language Processing tools open-source up and running as a webservices or software tools


@mondragonlingua Linguagaztea, innovation for english learning

MondragonLingua and Gaztea have signed an agreement to launch a new English learning system


Ebola outbreak in West Africa: Translators without Borders helping to save lives with CDC information in four local languages

Translators without Borders (TWB), whose Consulting Committee has MondragonLingua as a member, reports that the organization has assisted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to provide critical preventative information on the Ebola virus in local West African languages as well as French

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